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Pricing Plans

Flexible Funding

Never An Upfront Fee*
per case
Plan Features
  • Unsecured Funding Available From $50,000 Up To $200,000
  • Never An Upfront Fee, If We Do Not Get You Funding We Do Not Get Paid.
  • In some cases Available Within 14 Days.
  • Ask About Our Free Car Offer.
Plan Description

Flexible funding

What is it and how does one qualify?  There is a complex matrix that is involved in understanding how to procure unsecured credit. In most cases we are able to secure a 0.00 percent APR in the first year. We have many loan options for our clients. Our loan products include personal loans, credit card funding, line of credit and equipment financing. Personal funding ranges from $50,000 to about $200,000 and can come in a variety of the above products.

Authorized Users

Credit Score FICO Booster
per account
Plan Features
  • Will boost credit score with thirty days.
  • AU will stay active for 30 days after posting.
  • Potential Credit Score Boost of 50-75 points.
  • We guarantee all AU Accounts.
Plan Description

FICO Score Booster?

What is a credit boost you ask? We have clients which have open credit card accounts which have very low credit utilization relative to its credit line. Many of these clients have great credit scores and a perfect credit history. By them adding you as an authorized user you will see a boost in your credit score within thirty days. We call it, sharing the love. To learn more about our FICO score booster program please contact an IDS Adviser.

Need a Custom Solution?

Each client is unique in what they desire. No two clients are exactly the same. With that in mind we have no issue thinking outside the box to tailor a specific solution based on your objectives.

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